Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

Our attention to detail and varied aircraft maintenance services set us apart. We perform line maintenance as well as heavy aircraft maintenance services.


Pre-purchase Inspections Horton STOL Kits
Aircraft Import Painting
Annual Inspections Interior Trim
Phase/100 Hour Inspections Line Maintenance
Structural Repairs Aircraft Recovery
Composite Repairs Major Mods

Firkus Aircraft Inc is a family run business that was started over 40 years ago by Gordon Firkus. Gordon’s son, Ray Firkus is the present owner and president of Firkus Aircraft Inc. This long-standing company also offers not only line maintenance on the Thielert turbo diesel Centurion engine, but has been involved with the Cessna 172 engine conversions.

All Team Firkus employees are well trained and very experienced. Their knowledge base keeps growing with every new challenge!

Annual Inspections

Annual inspections and all other repairs/maintenance are carried out in accordance with the applicable standards of airworthiness following the manufacturers guidelines. All documentation is completed prior to aircraft release.

Cessna Inspection Compliance


We can handle just about anything in our aircraft range. Each recovery is different and has it’s own challenges. Team Firkus has a history of success and the knowledge required. Many insurance adjusters have confidence that the speediest and safest recovery will be performed.

Aircraft Import

We have experience with importing certified, home built and even experimental aircraft. Over the years we have imported quite a few aircraft but some of our favorites have been a Quest Kodiak, Extra 330, and of course the only Canadian registered MX2. Make sure to give us a call before buying an out of country aircraft as our years of experience can help you with your import.