We are dang lucky to have such wonderful customers and an amazing spot to work out of! Here are some of our favorite photos.

We love our local Chilliwack Flight Fest, not only for the fact that it is a free event for the community, but we get to meet some pretty awesome people too!!

In August of 2016 we had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Jacquie Warda through an unfortunate way. Her ferry pilot had a hard landing up North while flying it to Alaska. From phone call to her leaving was 21 days. This included driving up there, disassembling the aircraft, loading the aircraft, driving it back, putting it back together, installing the engine, installing new landing gear, installing a new prop, painting, and the general maintenance after a hard landing. Check out the progression below:

She’s ready to go! Spinner has been painted, many hugs all around and she flies it home!

  After the prop and cowls are put on, it’s time for the first test flight!

 Panels are attached and the first run ups and high speed taxis’ are about to commence!

After the wings and landing gear were installed, the wheels, prop, and canopy are put on

This is how the poor aircraft arrived, wings on top, fuselage inside.

More Photos!