Many exciting projects are taking place at Firkus Aircraft. Team Firkus is currently completing a full import and custom painting on an aerobatic aircraft owned by Dave Mathieson. The MX2 is only a few days from completion. This amazing advanced aerobatic aircraft has the incredible roll rate of 500 degrees per second and is powered by a 380HP motor giving it a top speed of 300 MPH. Visit us again soon for some pictures of the finished product!

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Lancair 320/360 UPDATE

NEW PIX! Nov 2, 2011

Well, it has been a few busy months for Gord. The levelling of the Lancair is complete and he is moving to the next phase; working on the aircraft’s center section. With the help of Bryce Rudland in the shop he has cut the gear doors. This was a tricky part of the process – Whew! He is also tackling the high stress points for the seat belts and those gear doors. Keep checking in to watch his progress!!

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Lancair 320/360

Gordon Firkus – Ray’s father and founder of Firkus Aircraft – retired a few years ago from the busy aircraft maintenance world. No surprise but after short time away from the hangar, he is back with a new project.

Gord is building his Lancair aircraft and over the next months we will post his progress. Right now he is working on levelling the aircraft and as many aircraft builders know, this is no small feat! Check out Gord’s progress from time to time.

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